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It can be transposed to Valse Triste--further details above for Colorado.
Management in these cases did not require formal tracheal repair because an adequate seal had been created with the transposed stomach.
As in her book on Herbert, she sometimes posits a "normal" language from which metaphoric passages deviate, at times going so far as to rewrite parts of poems in standard everyday English of her own in order to accentuate their poetic heightenings, or to introduce sequential temporal sequences that have, according to such readings, been transposed poetically.
Unfortunately, some figures were transposed in our report on the mid-term figures from Meta4, the Madrid, Spain-based developer of web and component-based software for human resources and knowledge management (CI No 3,714).
A transposed digit in a number code is enough to produce rejection of a billing claim as inappropriate.
However, with no Middle East experts guiding the decision-making process, the administration transposed its view of reality onto Hussein and seriously miscalculated his next move.
Most of the time, he either replaced a vowel with an incorrect alternative vowel or transposed two vowels in the same word.
Orchestrations can be created with up to 32 staves, and these staves can be transposed to any key and for any instrument.
Contract notice: Collection, transposed of municipal solid waste and waste comparable boot and disposal / recovery and other services in the municipality of castel frentano.
The directive had to be transposed by the member states by December 31, 2012.
Over 2,000 dancers each week enter the three-floor building, whose loft is literally a marley floor transposed into a living room.
The authors indicate that certain exercises in this book are to be transposed to other keys.