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An HOUR minus U transposes to RHO While TAU plus O is a motor, AUTO
Lenya, whose carrot-hued hair and crimson lips suggested a lost Gustav Klimt canvas, wins no points for vocal purity; she growls, she transposes, she comes perilously close to speech-song.
The social context of rhetoric, so often neglected in modern studies of rhetorical theory, is dealt with by Claude Thiry (on the differences between the rhetoriqueurs of the Burgundian and French courts), Coigneau (comparing the communal nature of literary composition within the Dutch "chambers of rhetoric" and a related phenomenon in the French puys), and Jelle Koopmans, who transposes the discussion to the drama.
This transposes a hypothesis that must be investigated into a premise of his presentation.
He has lapses of memory, transposes dates, and wanders off into irrelevancies.
Sunset State transposes to sustentates, an archaic word for 'sustains'.
Thus only in the play of meaning among her various works does it become apparent how she transposes her theme into a multifaceted, sensual expression.