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More than 6 months after the deadline for transposing Directive 2011/36/EU, and despite letters of formal notice sent on 29 May 2013, these countries have still not notified the Commission of national measures taken to enact EU rules, the EU Commission says.
The European Commission also said on Wednesday that it was sending an official letter to France for not transposing EU laws on freedom of movement but that it had until October 15 to launch a clear timetable to show when and how it would.
Two principles of transposing and modulating were appropriate, whereas filtering was unsuccessful.
If necessary, that person can easily add or delete notes manually, as well as perform other editing operations, like transposing separated notes or selected blocks of notes.
In my little transposing sailor man (to avoid copyright infringement, let's call him Top-Eye which neatly transposes to what he's got in his pipe), the makeup of a letter group changes only to add or drop letters when the word length changes.
Chung patented a variation on transposing the primary and auxiliary flights (U.
106) reminded me that taking a bird's song and transposing it down four octaves makes it sound like a whale's song.
Greatly disturbed by the images, he was seized by the idea of transposing the unspeakable events in Rwanda into a film.