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This is an ambitious and provocative approach: by including nearly one hundred years of Broadway history within its scope, Transposing Broadway makes a persuasive argument that the Broadway musical is a genre that continues to be shaped by its Jewish roots.
However, players encounter an additional, highly troublesome issue when playing band and orchestral scores: how does one handle transposing instruments?
Finland is being taken to the court for not transposing the directive for the province of Aland, according to the Commission.
A word or phrase made by transposing the letters of another word or phrase, such as calm and clam.
Przedmiot contract must comply with the Polish standards transposing harmonized European standards, or - failing that - European technical approvals, common technical specifications, Polish standards transposing European standards, Polish standards implementing international standards to Polish standards, Polish technical approvals.
The Commission has addressed the issue of not fully transposing the Directives in the three countries by sending letters of formal notice in September 2011.
In my little transposing sailor man (to avoid copyright infringement, let's call him Top-Eye which neatly transposes to what he's got in his pipe), the makeup of a letter group changes only to add or drop letters when the word length changes.
France's new Secretary of State for Industry, Nicole Fontaine, has declared that her first decision will be the act transposing the European Directive on gas, which should be taken before the end of 2002, and that her second, at the beginning of 2003, will concern the statutes of Electricite de France (EdF) and Gaz de France (GdF).
Bulgaria's Ministry of Economy, Energy, and Tourism has declared that it is in the process of transposing into its legislation the EU's third power and gas market opening directives.