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For example, while Dingle mentions how certain tertian harmonies of mode three are related to the mode's "augmented-triad relationships," he does not delve into the structure of that mode (set class 9-12 [01245689T]), particularly with respect to its high degree of transpositional and inversional symmetry, or how this mode can be generated by three major-third interval cycles a half-step apart, all of which might frame a better understanding as to wbat drives the choice of modal sonorities.
Several other local flaps can be used in the hand and fingers, including cross finger flaps, thenar flaps, and other transpositional flaps such as neurovascular island flaps.
Modelling transpositional invariancy of melody recognition with an attractor neural network.
The real and virtual worlds of this global community of discourse decontextualize and recontextualize us constantly, calling for a more active form of transpositional theological reflection.
The additional band in the rest of the isolates probably represents the transpositional event.
Dipping into it recently I was pleased to unearth a fourteen-step transpositional ladder starting with Steven Spielberg's sublime classic 'ET--the Extraterrestrial' and ending with the ridiculous romantic comedy 'Miss Personality'.
Shirley Chew, "(Post)colonial Translations," Translating Life: Studies in Transpositional Aesthetics, eds.
Aside from the illuminating details of its counter-intuitive transpositional engagement with Shelley and Blanchot, in which each thinker's reflections on mortality and fatality is, as it were, read athwart the other, the essay is significant because no other intervention by Derrida became positioned vis-a-vis romanticism in quite the same way.

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