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corporations to transship ethanol from countries like Brazil with little or no effect on jobs in the Caribbean.
Half the makers had already been bankrupted by the litigation, and the rest agreed "voluntarily" - ho ho ho - to what were termed marketing restrictions, aimed at keeping anyone from buying a gun in a state like yours unless they can show they're not planning to transship it to a friend in some place with a stricter gun control law.
1) Beer = f(Ban, Transship, Schwinn, Tax, Income, Retailers, Agediff, Priceads, Quota, USbeer).
In winter, the Arctic LNG tankers will transit via the Zeebrugge LNG terminal where Fluxys LNG will offer services to transship LNG onto conventional vessels used to make final delivery to Asian-Pacific markets via the Suez Canal.
The Justice Department has prosecuted several individuals for efforts to transship military aircraft parts to Iran.
These facilities store, blend, and transship petroleum and other liquid products as an integral part of the wholesale distribution system.
The purchase of the new container and material handling equipment was based on a 2003 modernization plan and a Department of Defense requirement to transship 10,000 containers in 14 days.