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CMA transported 280,000 tons of cargo to the Port of Beirut, 180,000 tons of which was unloaded in Beirut and transshipped -- transferred to another vessel -- to various destinations in Western Africa, according to CMA's Lebanese representative, Bernard Gerdy.
Both companies sent millions of dollars worth of laptops to a company in the United Arab Emirates (identified only as "company X" that transshipped the computers to Iran.
military and dual-use goods (civilian goods with potential military applications) that are illegally transshipped through intermediaries in third-party nations, most notably the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, and Singapore.
57 million tons of sea cargos were transshipped in the first six months at the Freeport of Riga.
Sairafi then transshipped the goods to Masoumian in Tehran.
Russia has now cut off Ukrainian gas supplies, which places European deliveries transshipped through Ukraine in danger of being siphoned off.
TOKYO - Governments of 131 countries recently agreed to create a legally binding accord establishing control measures in ports where fish are landed, transshipped or processed in order to combat illegal, unreported or unregulated (IUU) fishing, according to the U.
Vietnam: Philip Morris is concerned about the failure of customs and police to seize counterfeit cigarettes being transshipped via Vietnam, rather than being imported into the country, especially Haiphong, which the company regards as "one of the most actively utilised ports for shipping and re-routing containers of counterfeit cigarettes".
In all, over 225,000 measurement tons, or over 6,000 individual pieces, of 1AD equipment was transshipped to Germany.
The most stringent penalty would involve triple charges over three years on transshipped category limits.
Gulf Coast region is a major center for handling imported and transshipped crude, Moreover, it is home to the nation's Petroleum Reserve, an emergency supply of crude oil stored in huge underground salt caverns along the coastline of the Gulf of Mexico.
each year originate in or are transshipped through Hong Kong, with last year's figure reaching 2.