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That moment is illustrated in a walk down Kane's Lane when the world itself is transubstantiated.
He sets the Wordsworthian line off from his own text to isolate and elevate it, even as Wordsworth the man is transubstantiated into allusion and the noumenal--the thing in itself--separating the quotation epistemologically by category and authority from his prose poetry.
It didn't seem to matter much either way: The animal had served its function, had been transubstantiated into symbolic texture.
Through holy intervention, which is not evident to the viewer, the bread and wine are transubstantiated into the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.
Such embodied resplendence, in turn, allows the ugly-duckling-turned-Swan to transcend to a celebrated sphere where working-class and/or ethnic excess have been transubstantiated into gorgeous womanhood.
Wittgenstein has not logically transubstantiated the Theory of Types, turning it from expressible into inexpressible, from what can be said into what can only be shown, but that he has indeed made the Theory vanish (Jolley 2004: 282).
The dogs sated themselves in their own master's blood; Christ feeds his own with his own transubstantiated flesh.
14) In A Man Asleep this is transubstantiated into: "[The tree's] strength, its majesty, its life--if you still hope to draw some meaning, some courage, from these outworn metaphors--are only ever images, neat illustrations, as useless as the tranquillity of the fields, or the still waters which, reputedly, run deep, or the courage of the little paths that don't climb very high but do so all alone, or the smiling hillsides upon which bunches of grapes ripen in the sun" (154).
For example, the domical funerary baldachins above Christ's prostrate body in the two representations of the entombment specified earlier, on the painted crosses designated as Uffizi number 432 and Pisa number 20, also suggest the offering of His transubstantiated substance at a church altar (fig.
While the physical elements are relationally changed by the sacramental union, they are not transubstantiated or destroyed.
Sethe sells her body to pay for her child's gravestone; in Praisesong for the Widow, Jerome Johnson's economic assets are referred to as "the whole of his transubstantiated body and blood" (Marshall 88).
If high-tech is the legacy then clearly that utopia has transubstantiated from the ethereal to the Learjet society, the mega office turning out mega projects whose social goals are so sophisticated anyone can hide among them.