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Different from the blood that cannot be transubstantiated in the golden chalice held by the unnamed yet powerful "Cardenal," the earthen chalice contains "vino nuevo" and is served by "sacerdote del pueblo / Tamayo, (4) Milla, (5) Melo, Santos, (6) / Castro, de los muchos comprometidos" (236).
This healing miracle recapitulates Jonathas's internal, miraculous healing through conversion and further highlights the play's association of conversion with the transubstantiated host.
I simply presumed Paul was saying that if someone didn't have faith that, after the priest's consecration words, the bread had been transubstantiated into Jesus' body, she or he would be receiving Communion unworthily.
Why an unholy creature must rest in holy ground is an unresolved question of vampire mythology, and although the vampire needs this sacrament (that which sanctifies the earth to "the use of man"), it cannot tolerate the transubstantiated body of Christ present in the Eucharist.
I share your perspective on this topic, especially your sentiments in the next-to-last paragraph: "But given a choice, I think I would prefer an afterlife in which I'm utterly transformed by death, transubstantiated by biology.
The production and distribution of most psychoactive substances in this class is prohibited, except within the restricted regulatory domain of the pharmaceutical sector (in which case, drugs are almost magically transubstantiated into medicines), and those who do engage in their unauthorized trade, rather than being celebrated for their entrepreneurial capitalist initiative, are maligned as "dealers" and "pushers" (Coomber, 2006).
Pythagoras claims the phoenix comes eternally from its own form; it is "another and the same" (7: 581, Dryden's addition), its own translated or transubstantiated being.
Organization theory is political theory in which traditional considerations regarding citizenship and leadership have been transfigured but not transubstantiated into modern acts, scenes, agents, agencies and purposes.
Second, it brings to the fore the problem of inner-outer, whereby an inner intention is magically transubstantiated into a physical action.
As Buck attempts to "rid" Stephen of his creative thought-vermin -- to consume them, as it were -- they and Stephen are transubstantiated by the mirror to become an immortal "God's body," a consecrated "host" for the mock-Mass that Buck has been conducting from the first sentence of the novel a sentence in which the same mirror appears: "Stately, plump Buck Mulligan came on the stairhead, bearing a bowl of lather on which a mirror and a razor lay crossed" (Joyce 1961, 1).
Even within the same narrative, the grail may variously be described as a "chalice," a "ciborium" (that is, a "covered goblet surmounted by a cross"), the "Host" (the transubstantiated body of Christ in the form of bread) on a platter, and as a "stone" with magical propensities (Loomis 28).