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was "still reluctant to accept the state as a sacramental agent for transubstantiating private interest into public good.
Drawing upon both James Heffernan's concise definition of ekphrasis and Murray Krieger's awareness of the transubstantiating power of art, I would maintain that Woolf's "reverse ekphrases"--as foregrounded in her framed tableaus--arise from female generosity and lead to communal and linguistic re-enchantment through the joint act of aesthetic contemplation.
A more rambling peregrination through Faulkner's county would attend to the transubstantiating points where latitude and longitude both arise and cross (points that permit the reading of a highly irregular, turbulent, and enigmatic geography by recoding that surface as rhythmic, predictable, and legible) and would take seriously the volatile method employed by Faulkner in translating actual into apocryphal: sublimation.
This is the mystery of the subjective transubstantiating into the objective.