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Huge abdominal mass secondary to a transverse vaginal septum and cervical dysgenesis.
Of the fifty-two individuals with long transverse processes giving an overall prevalence of 1.
Width of inferior articular process--it is measured as the transverse diameter of facet.
Transverse, the leader in cloud-based revenue operations management and billing, created the first-of-its-kind revenue operations software solution that drives inefficiencies out of the revenue stream across the entire business.
2] for electromagnetic transverse waves in the absence of longitudinal waves.
Lab scale of dry filament winding machine is used in this experiment with varying of longitudinal and transverse fibre alignment.
Transverse Myelitis: Our Stories is available at publishamerica.
e], is to be taken into account for beam transverse reinforcement and shall be calculated using Eqn (4) such that the most unfavourable result is obtained by considering the cases of earthquake acting from left to right or from right to left separately:
Patients with transverse process fractures of the cervical spine and upper cervical vertebral body fractures should undergo CTA to exclude vertebral artery injury.
Obtaining an image where the pleura is seen in its entirety without an encroaching transverse process or rib is occasionally difficult.
Patients in group A underwent coronal Z-type lengthening of transverse carpal ligament, and patients in group B had conventional open approach surgery.
Success rates with the new procedure, which involves transverse defect repair, have been 91%-95% based on preliminary reports, compared with 40%-60% with traditional colporrhaphy - and even less when the complications associated with the increasing use of synthetic mesh come into play, Dr.