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Routine ventro-dorsal and lateral radiographic projections revealed a comminuted fracture of the left distal tarsometatarsus and a transverse fracture of the basal phalanx on the second and third digits of the right foot.
Of the reviewed fractures, the researchers identified 135 as atypical, based on their location in the diaphyseal portion of the femur, either in the shaft or subtrochanteric region, as well as other features: a transverse fracture, usually with lateral cortical thickening especially at the fracture site, and flaring of the lateral cortex, Dr.
1) revealed a pathological transverse fracture of the mid-shaft of the radius.
Computer tomography of the head showed a transverse fracture of the base of the skull, involving both petrous bones (hinge fracture), due to blunt trauma from the right side.
Nicholson, "Failure of cord-rubber composites by pull-out or transverse fracture, " J.
Radiographs demonstrated a transverse fracture of the proximal femur shaft (Fig.
Lateral radiography of the sternum revealed a transverse fracture of the body with displacement.