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The transverse plane moments during the WA and MS were small when compared with the sagittal and frontal plane moments and never became greater than 0.
Thus, the internal/external hip rotation was based on the transverse plane motion of the femoral segment relative to the pelvic segment, and hip rotational velocity was calculated as the first derivative of this motion.
In the first group (N = 11), screws were placed in a triangular pattern with the two most distal screws placed in the same horizontal or transverse plane.
Shear modulus in the transverse plane of the fiber, [G.
The patient should be positioned in the right posterior oblique position, and the transducer is placed in the transverse plane in the right epigastric region.
75 MHz curved array transducer(a) was placed in the transverse plane immediately supra-pubically over the lower abdomen.
10), the following parameters of RV were quantified: the planimetry area of the QRS loop in the II, III and IV quadrants of the transverse plane and its right and anterior/frontal orientations.
Purpose: To investigate the relationship between femoral anteversion and frontal and transverse plane hip joint kinetics and kinematics of the femur segment in healthy individuals.
Upper and lower body were differentiated with a transverse plane just superior to the crests of the ileum.
This domain extends 10 equivalent diameters downstream of the exit-plane and 4 equivalent diameters in transverse plane.
Turning is likely more difficult for lower-limb amputees because of their inability to modulate transverse plane joint torque, one of the turning mechanisms for nonamputees [10].

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