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Second, while testing the relationships of strength between various planes of trunk exertions, we found the strongest correlation between sagittal and transverse plane.
Khan and colleagues (51) reported that the majority of turnout comes from hip external rotation, because there is more transverse plane joint motion available at the hip compared to the knee and ankle.
It should be noted that the angular velocity of the hip in this skill movement would primarily be in the sagittal plane, and not a transverse plane rotational velocity as seen during the golf swing.
6a the velocities in the transverse plane of the second kneading element are shown for a stagger angle of 90 [degrees], a rotation speed of 200 [rpm], and throughput 20 [ml/s].
It has been reported that sagittal plane moments generally exceed those of the frontal and transverse planes.
Longitudinal and transverse planes from dorsal, lateral, medial and palmar surfaces of the carpal joint were examined.
In this study, we applied posterior tethering in various directions with the application of nickel-titanium (NT) coil springs in dog's spine to modulate spinal growth in the coronal, sagittal, and transverse planes and create a scoliosis model possess curves that mimic adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) three dimensionally.
A bedside ultrasound was performed which revealed a target-shaped lesion in transverse plane and bowel-in-bowel configuration in longitudinal plane representing the multilayered lesion of an intussusception (Figures 1-4).
The diagnosis in orthodontics is mainly based on the morphological and quantitative description of craniofacial structures in the three planes of space, but greater attention has been given to the assessment of malocclusions in the sagittal and vertical dimensions, ignoring that the transverse plane is equally important to the final position of maxillary teeth and their coordinated function.
However, the paramount importance of posteroanterior (PA) cephalometry should be stressed as it allows professionals to examine facial asymmetry in the transverse plane while allowing the clinical observation of an individual's face in frontal view (Leonardi, Annunziata, & Caltabiano, 2008; Ulkur, Ozdemir, Germec-Cakan, & Kaspar, 2016).
The patient was held in supine position and the ultrasound probe was placed in a transverse plane between the lower costal margin and the iliac crest in the mid axillary line.
Objective: The full structuration of light in the transverse plane, including intensity, phase and polarization, holds the promise of unprecedented capabilities for applications in classical optics as well as in quantum optics and information sciences.

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