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Our research was designed to evaluate the effectiveness of 2 inexpensive artisanal trap designs as an alternative to the standard McPhail trap for mass trapping fruit flies in Haiti.
Territoriality of males offers one potential explanation, as males would enter the trap to defend their territory from the perceived threat of an unknown conspecific.
Adoption of this new tool to aid orchard management decisions is dependent on the accuracy of the trap data.
You will also need stakes to keep your trap in place, which can be purchased.
The total yield of pollen from Gujranwala trap, HBRI, fixed bottom board and the c hina clipped trap in gm were found to be 83.
He is said to have failed to attend and properly check the crow cage trap over a 15-day period in December.
Therefore, it was unknown what response small mammals would have to presentation of two traps at a station, a new trap (free of any animal odor) and a trap that had been treated with a disinfectant.
11-8 Makeshift, 2 Nambisco, 4 Romeo Reason, 9-2 Jordansoilutions Trap Challenge (8 Derby Heats): 6-4 Trap 2, 11-4 Trap 1, Trap 6, 5-1 Trap 5, 16 Trap 3, Trap 4
Trap nights are calculated by taking the number of traps used multiplied by the number of nights each of those traps is set.
Bob Spaeth, President of the Southern Offshore Fishing Club, and trap inventor Tom Haugen displayed a cage that they said they could tweak specifically to catch red grouper of certain sizes--to exclude the large-end males.
Implementing a system that alerts plant maintenance of trap failure allows steam traps to be replaced before steam leakage can register on the utility bill, or plant equipment is damaged by water hammer or by condensate freezing in the lines.