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While Maine bobcats, for example, brought $90 at the December Maine Trappers Association Fur Auction, more northern and western bobcats can bring over $500.
Sired by The Parson out of Blueola and bred by Tom Nicholson, Trapper John ran four times at the festival.
Fur prices were high enough in the 1970s and '80s that a dedicated trapper could actually make decent money.
The new Goldenrod 1260-LFT multiple bladder winding shaft features a fixed' trapper leaf with a full-length trapper ledge.
99; Lunacy Roses fingerless gloves, pounds 32 THE TRAPPER HAT This winter the trapper or deerstalker hat has been sported by the likes of Lily Allen.
The agency awarded the contract to Trapper Peak Timber Company ("Trapper") based on its determination that the company had made an apparent mistake in its bid that was correctable.
Bell Laboratories has introduced a hypoallergenic, scent-free glue trap, Trapper MAX Free Glue Trap.
One day, across a water-hole, in a wilderness three days' trek from the city, a trapper sees what has not been seen before: a wild man, like a beast--like a god--fallen from heaven, naked, his body rough with matted hair, down on all fours, crouching to lap up the water.
A professional trapper, John French, finally arrived, did what professional trappers do, and wrapped up the still hungry 'gator for transport to a cocker spaniel-free area.
NEW YORK-Range Kleen received the initial order from the city of Los Angeles for the Fat Trapper Trap the Grease Program.
The "Monster" (M1) is the "3 Press's" designated middle trapper of the dribbler.