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Torula yeast is the standard bait used in current traps because it is a proteinaceous food that releases volatile compounds that are highly attractive to fruit flies (Aluja & Rull 2009).
Live traps are one of the most common methods for acquiring live, free-ranging small mammals.
2008, 2010), including extensive trapping experiments, we know that trap capture in female-baited traps in some locations can be as high as 150 males per night (J.
I would like to cover several traps and their usefulness, starting with the standard foothold trap.
Pollen traps vary greatly in design and positioning on the hive, but the basic principle is same i.
A GAMEKEEPER from Northumberland has been cautioned by police over a cage trap.
Only a few studies have examined the possible effect of decontamination of traps on captures of small mammals and these studies only examined short-term effects (Yunger and Randa, 1999; Van Horn and Douglass, 2000).
Red foxes can't be managed with the traps presently allowed.
Basically, the traps have "excluder bars" on each end that they claimed would allow small fish to swim out and to prevent large fish from swimming in.
Certain technology methods have made it possible to closely monitor steam traps and provide plant maintenance the opportunity to repair the trap before it becomes too costly.
In southern Portugal, pots and traps of various types are among the most widely used gears in the small-scale fisheries.