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A huntsman was sent to Otradnoe for a trap, while Nicholas rode with Natasha and Petya to "Uncle's" house.
Natasha felt so lighthearted and happy in these novel surroundings that she only feared the trap would come for her too soon.
Once Toto got too near the open trap door, and fell in; and at first the little girl thought she had lost him.
That was the room in which Maguire kept his trophies and set his trap.
To think that I've only to invent a trap to catch a crook, for a blamed crook to walk right into
My trap for crooks and cracksmen is a bottle of hocussed whiskey, and I guess that's it on the table, with the silver label around its neck.
Here the short stakes were set at intervals of about a foot around the walls near the top, their sharpened points inclining downward so that the lion had fallen unhurt into the trap but could not leap out because each time he essayed it his head came in contact with the sharp end of a stake above him.
Never, in his experience of men, had he been so treated, while the confinement of the box was maddening with its suggestion of the trap.
Jerry shut down the trap and slashed his oat-fed horse.
He came back, dragging a heavy sea-chest, which he deposited on top of the trap.
Kouzma, get ready the trap," and he ran downstairs.
The trap was already at the steps when they went out.