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Pledge to fight trash : If 10,000 people decided not to make as much trash for one month, we could reduce the trash on Earth by over a million pounds.
AAA Trash Be Gone strives to offer some of the best dumpster rental services in and around Buffalo.
Despite these well-established sanctions against trash talk, some observers (LoConto & Roth, 2005; Rudd & Stoll, 1998; Staffo, 1996) believe that the incidence of trash talk may be increasing and that it has become quite widespread among athletes.
The reason for this increased cost for trash removal is simply that our landfills are filling up (only four of Central Massachusetts's 30 landfills are still open), and our trash needs processing at the Wheelabrator plant in Millbury before being dumped.
Landfill operator Browning Ferris Industries had sought approval to bring in trash from outside the region, but county officials rejected that request and also imposed some new restrictions on the landfill operator.
Roseville also had cat tippers installed so the custodians didn't have to hand unload their trash carts.
When Ray and Barbara founded the company four decades ago, Ray was employed as a Factory worker in the Indianapolis area and worked part-time at the newly formed family business, which focused on trash hauling.
As a consequence, open trash piles may expose people who live in the vicinity and scavenging animals to serious health risks, says Shinsuke Tanabe of Ehime University in Matsuyama, Japan.
Put the pot outside and cover it with the trash bag.
The interpretation of white grotesquery as a signifier of an inherited interior pollution would produce what Nicole Hahn Rafter calls a "White Trash myth" ("Introduction" 30) [9] According to Rafter, this myth was also linked to rural geographic areas where an overabundance of white trash communities thrived: mountains, pine-lands, swamps, woods, hills, ravines (7).
When I commended Jean-Jacques Rue, the festival's artistic director, on the lack of cinematic kitsch at the festival, he smiled and said, "You North Americans have such a limited view of Trash Culture.
When he received his first account, he didn't have a truck to manage the route, so he worked for a small trash company during the day (for no pay) in exchange for the use of the company's truck at night.