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While a number of sportswriters continue to slam the XFL as "trash football," the XFL is now more popular online than the even trashier organization that spawned it, the WWF (#15).
But just go with the slightly trashier feel to Miami, the fake boobs, hair and eyelashes, the bald, moneyed blokes and the cubicles in nightclubs that say 'only one occupant at a time'.
EVER since someone noticed that the haughtily elegant Victoria Beckham had a bunion, the trashier newspapers and magazines have been awash with gleeful stories about her deformed foot.
Nothing looks trashier," Manhattan stylist Sarah Shirley told the magazine.
It's less savage than his lo-fi and trashier stuff, but it's still far from polished dredge.
PINK Try This (La Face) -The follow-up to the multi-million selling Missundazstood is rockier, trashier and totally in your face.
By all accounts some of the trashier redtops were offering hard cash for these supporters to come forward and purger themselves.
Part of the success of the first series is that they got some trashier elements people loved.
And that's because the newer, trashier models are given all the play.