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Cella and blasted Cella for running "the dirtiest, trashiest track in America.
I love when people are gathered in a homo-friendly alternative art space, sleazy drag bar, or independent coffeehouse to have a unique nonglobal experience of the edgiest, purest, trashiest, most amazingly fabulous queer expression that money or love can buy.
Talk springs to life fully-formed as the magazine that The New Yorker under her tenure could only aspire to be--that is, the new and glitzy packaging for a lot of old-fashioned "women's" journalism of the trashiest sort.
Classy guy: Ohio State offensive lineman Rob Murphy admits to being one of the Big Ten's trashiest talkers, but it wasn't until Monday after the Michigan State loss that Murphy also showed himself to be one of the league's shadiest players.
Then there's the professional sunseeker who spends a year making sure the sand will be the same bleached white as the bedsheets in their hotel and then indulges in nothing more taxing than turning the pages of the latest, trashiest novel.
Even the trashiest of these works raise issues of concern to all of us.
Join Pittsburgh's classiest guys and girls for this season's trashiest event, "The 12[sup.
Anyone who's written a book about anything, even the trashiest airport novel, has my respect.
But if Johnson offers a persuasive case for the cognitive benefits of the media we consume as a culture, his unfailingly objective perspective at times seems to have a blind spot that's mirrored by the frustratingly concrete nature of his prose: He misses what gives our culture, even at its trashiest, so much of its richness and depth in the first place.