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Cella and blasted Cella for running "the dirtiest, trashiest track in America.
Talkshow host Aisha Tyler and comedian Rob Schneider will emcee the event May 3 at the Beverly Hills Saban Theater, where 16 out of 70 Golden Trailer awards will be announced, including for Summer 2013 Blockbuster trailer, and other less prestigious accolades such as the Trashiest Trailer and Golden Fleece award, which is given to the best trailer for the worst movie.
SOME of the trashiest fashion in Bahrain will hit the catwalk tonight as models showcase outfits made almost entirely from recycled materials.
In 2004, I witnessed a Britney show in London which represented a deep, black hole at the centre of American entertainment, with its trashiest product drowning at the centre.
I'M sure those who made the effort to take part in the Make Poverty History rally on Saturday will be heartened by the selflessness of Paris Hilton, the world's trashiest heiress The clueless one has been shooting her mouth off, saying she wants to be married in St Paul's Cathedral.
I love when people are gathered in a homo-friendly alternative art space, sleazy drag bar, or independent coffeehouse to have a unique nonglobal experience of the edgiest, purest, trashiest, most amazingly fabulous queer expression that money or love can buy.
Talk springs to life fully-formed as the magazine that The New Yorker under her tenure could only aspire to be--that is, the new and glitzy packaging for a lot of old-fashioned "women's" journalism of the trashiest sort.
Classy guy: Ohio State offensive lineman Rob Murphy admits to being one of the Big Ten's trashiest talkers, but it wasn't until Monday after the Michigan State loss that Murphy also showed himself to be one of the league's shadiest players.
Then there's the professional sunseeker who spends a year making sure the sand will be the same bleached white as the bedsheets in their hotel and then indulges in nothing more taxing than turning the pages of the latest, trashiest novel.
Even the trashiest of these works raise issues of concern to all of us.
On the way, they encounter a handful of madcap Southern folk, including a shyster car salesman (Elias Koteas) whose surprising pickup line ("Everybody needs to have their tank filled") may rank among the world's trashiest, and a blues-crazy criminal (Nick Nolte) who accompanies Jane in a moving rendition of Woody Guthrie's "This Land Is Your Land.