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Mixing Dallas-like trashiness with the social conscience of The Defenders, L.
For all its roughly construed trashiness, Dahlem's current exhibition possesses a remarkable elegance and penetrating visuality--further testament to this young artist's estimable talents.
I'm fascinated by the trashiness, the naff Seventies haciendas, the neon, and the women in their 80s still dressing like they're 16
Margaret Cho returns with her trademark raunchy humor, unapologetic trashiness and championing of marginalized voices in "Revolution.
and the paintings of Johannes Vermeer and Petrus Christus; Put through the processor his graphic high style, Poignant stock-schlock images - hands in the gesture of prayer child clutching a teddy bear, the smiling face of a woman - acquire a pared-down elegance, and the old masters take on a touch of trailer trashiness.
The beauty of De Palma's more personalfilms is the way they mask their passion in genre trashiness, sadistic jokes and self-conscious technical expertise.
Us, of course, was the genre's forerunner, or is at least the mag that has most successfully made the case that somewhere between the feel-good quality of People and the trashiness of the Globe, there is a sizable market.
But she's got the looks and unquestioning self-possession that are highly valued as commercial commodities, and the subdued trashiness of her wardrobe in the final concert extravaganza announces she is aiming for Spears-like status with pubescent girls--the difference between the two being Duffs primary emphasis on acting (she's got a couple of big mainstream movies in the works).
Teaming with a glorious sense of its own trashiness, "Beloved Sister" demands 87 minutes of one's time that could unquestionably be better spent; but pic is an acid pleasure while it lasts, and no queer festival or midnight sidebar this year will be complete without it.
And inasmuch as the pic never owns up to its own trashiness, it's not even enjoyable camp--like Mary Lambert's recent "The In-Crowd"--even though there's about as much underage drinking, heavy petting and full-on sex as you can imagine this side of a very surprising PG-13 rating.