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Key words: community violence, antisocial behaviour, traumatisation, violent behaviour, sleep problem, intrusive thoughts, academic performance
The framework of the children is greatly determined by that of the parents, and because it is not possible for them to interpret the trauma representations (or even acting out of symptoms) as mediated information, an unsettlement or secondary traumatisation is the result (Levine 20).
Nous explorons des avenues pour prendre soin de soi et abordons les effets du processus de traumatisation vicariante, aussi appelee traumatisation secondaire, laquelle concerne les effets qu'ont sur nous intervenants, les interactions avec des personnes qui portent en elles des traumatismes (3).
For surgical bisection of nodes good-quality instruments in optimal condition must be used to limit traumatisation artefact.
Additional concerns included: feeling compelled to prolong resuscitation when family present, and not to be seen to be making decisions too rapidly; traumatisation of family members; potential medico-legal action; (3,15,16) and space and staffing limitations.
Indeed, the constitutive and procedural documents of the International Criminal Court incorporated several provisions to address further traumatisation of victim-witnesses, including various procedural and evidentiary rules, the provision of victims' counsel, articles requiring 'integrating gender' into the Courts, a Victim Trust Fund, and the establishment of a Victims and Witnesses Unit (VWU).
In one, a replica firearm was used and, although not able to cause injury, traumatisation of victim and onlookers was considered sufficient for a seven-year sentence.
She said McGuinness had been diagnosed with traumatisation following the offence.
Sending a woman back to prison, which has been the source of her traumatisation, was an insensitive decision, " he said, explaining that he would be preparing an immediate appeal and bail application.
There are cases where women are trapped in their own homes and continue to live in fear, with extreme physical and emotional traumatisation that leads to greater degree of pain and suffering, sometimes resulting in the loss of innocent lives, he said.