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Vicarious traumatisation of Australian Sign Language interpreters working in a legal setting.
5) Emphasis on the one or the other may have serious consequences: either a secondary traumatisation or the cerebral defusing of the trauma.
Additional concerns included: feeling compelled to prolong resuscitation when family present, and not to be seen to be making decisions too rapidly; traumatisation of family members; potential medico-legal action; (3,15,16) and space and staffing limitations.
In the process of emotional traumatisation and consolidation of its memory, two important components are involved.
Nor can it explain the continuous and long-term traumatisation evident (Summerfield and Toser, 1991).
Carers cannot allow further traumatisation and so have to monitor and manage children's family contacts but in terms of sensitivity to children's developing identity.
At the time when he experiences this fantasy he has already shown many of the symptoms known in trauma theory under the title "traumatic countertransference" or "vicarious traumatisation.
In one, a replica firearm was used and, although not able to cause injury, traumatisation of victim and onlookers was considered sufficient for a seven-year sentence.
She said McGuinness had been diagnosed with traumatisation following the offence.