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Design and analysis of a novel traveling wave induction heating system with magnetic slot wedges for heating moving thin strips.
He, "Exact traveling wave solutions and bifurcations in a nonlinear elastic rod equation," Acta Mathematicae Applicatae Sinica--English Series, vol.
However, though the waveshape of the current at the channel base is undisturbed by the traveling wave phenomena, its peak value clearly depends on both the reflection coefficients.
Zaidman, "Nonlinear theory of collective effects in helix traveling wave tubes," Phys.
In this section, we apply the enhanced (G'/G)-expansion method to find new traveling wave solutions for some nonlinear PDEs in mathematical physics.
This year's Whitney Biennial included Doubling Back, 2003, an installation featuring two projected traveling waves engaged in a graceful curvilinear dance with each other in the darkened gallery space.
The thermocouple sensors use dipole and traveling wave modes to detect functions beyond 100 GHz.
5] It has been proposed that these bubbles disturb the propagation of the traveling wave of the basilar membrane.
In particular, the dynamics of cycling populations show spatially independent oscillations, and reaction-diffusion models predict traveling wave trains in such populations.
To get a traveling wave, they also needed to assume that this special kind of coupling was stronger in one direction along the spinal cord than in the other.

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