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Both zones were traversable, but the nature of each may have promoted different forms of interaction with the continent.
One thing to note here is that cost for unknown terrains (with no features detected then the confidence vector is zero) is equal to the const that is higher than the cost for easily traversable terrain but remains lower for impassable terrain.
The RTAF base was formerly traversable by road, but transit traffic has been prohibited for several years.
In other words, once we get past the initial moment of amazement and fascination in the face of the new, everything must be consistent with the whole, and everything must respond to a construction that is initially unknown but potentially knowable, traversable by way of clues that should have something familiar about them.
The boom will be traversable, allowing the pool to revert to its original size when required.
Scalar fields, energy conditions and traversable wormholes.
He said: "I'm going to snowboard down a mountain, taking a route accessible only by helicopter and traversable by the fittest, most experienced snowboarders in the world.
The stairs help control erosion and make the steepest parts of the trail traversable by almost anyone, Osborne said.
History may show that publicly funded and provided Internet access is the right of all citizens, as is drinking water, traversable roads and public safety-that it constitutes a public utility.
Whitman, perhaps again influenced by Wordsworth, also saw love as the only traversable route to knowledge.
The scientists expect that terrain to be easily traversable once the 174-kilogram, golf cart-size rover begins moving during the upcoming week.
Its axis structure, with a traversable table in Z-direction, enables the machining of deep bores as well as high-precision machining.