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Using the Linear-Traverse method, the chord lengths intersected by the 20 traversing lines were used to calculate the total air void volume.
Offers industrial material-handling robots for injection molders that range from sprue pickers to all-servo traversing robots.
After traversing all the tree nodes in Cluster 1 (Realistic-Technical 8 occupations (Forest Ranger, Park Ranger, Camera Repairman, Surveyor, Drafter, Electronic Technician, Radio/TV Repairman, Dental Lab.
To set the stop, just put it where you want it on the traversing bar and then tighten the clamping screw snugly by hand.
A new automation system from HYRobotics uses pneumatic tubing to blow thin-walled inserts from a feeder bowl onto a fixture, from which the inserts are picked up by a traversing robot and delivered to the mold.
Tenders are invited for Hydraulic Jack Cap - 30 Ton With Traversing Base Make - Vankos Or Similar Details Of Items Hydraulic Jack A 1.
AE-SA single axis, serve-driven traversing robot features a-c brushless serve motor drive on the traverse axis, which is accurate to within [+ or -] 0.
The World Market for Sexual Disorders, 2005-2012 - Traversing New Frontiers in Sexual Chemistry", written by Spectra Intelligence, provides a detailed analysis of the sexual disorders therapy area to include insights for product extension and reformulation, sales forecasts to 2012, and impact of late-stage pipeline drugs on the market.
Tenders are invited for Supply of hydraulic jack bottle type with integral pumping unit threaded ram with safety locknut fitted with traversing base and operating handles shall have the following :- 1 capacity - 10 tons.
Robots "stole the show" at both Interplas '81 in Birmingham, England, and NPE 1982, with a great variety of traversing and jointed-arm models.
the leader in programmable deep packet inspection platforms for security, VoIP, and traffic management applications, today announced a new traffic analysis service designed to help service providers understand and manage all VoIP traffic traversing their networks.