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His play, Travesties, performed by the Rep, is a mash-up of Oscar Wilde, James Joyce and Dadaism.
Travesties is an obvious play to run alongside The Importance of Being Earnest as Stoppard takes the classic Wilde play and uses it as the basis for his own comedy.
They did not panic as they might well have done when faced with these travesties, but sensibly went about getting to the bottom of things.
The evidence indicates that the Branch Davidians started the fires that consumed them, but the attempts to arrest them and the final assault on their compound were travesties of mismanagement and poor technique.
This reporter trailed me for a number of years and attempted to catch me in other disobedient acts and make me pay for them by reporting such travesties to the authorities.
By exposing the environmental travesties that have been heaped upon the Bayou Sorrel residents it is hoped that the children of the community will be able to grow up enjoying the Bayou as their forefathers did for centuries before industry invaded this precious area.