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Nigerians condemned the whole operation, and also the governor for stooping so low in his desperation for the job, and are calling for the prosecution of all those involved in the treasonable act.
Though with Sven-baiting a national pastime, he might have guessed that a score of less than 4-0 to the red, white and blue was likely to be construed as treasonable behaviour.
Likewise, Richard's elevation of the crown and stress on obedience found a counterpart in the efforts of successive Lancastrian regimes, traced by Edmund Powell, to convict Sir John Mortimer of treason for the not strictly treasonable offences of seditious criticism of Henry V, leading a gaolbreak from the Tower, and claiming alarming affinities with the Mortimer earls of March, potential claimants to the throne.
And taking off golden boy Toni Polster on Saturday was almost a treasonable offence in the eyes of the Austrian Press and public.
Devolution CS Mwangi Kiunjuri said it is against the Constitution and treasonable to swear in another President since the country cannot have two leaders.
On the political front it became treasonable to challenge the President in an election, and thus began our traditions of repression.
The approval of the Lisbon Treaty by the House of Lords places the Queen in a difficult situation when she is asked to give the Royal Assent, since it will lead to the break-up of the United Kingdom and the overthrow of the sovereignty of the monarch and Parliament, a treasonable act.
As long as the constitution of the IRA remains treasonable and subversive to the authority of the Irish state, all of these problems continue to arise.
As America urges nations on to rid the world of terrorists, it should expect to recognise that putting treasonable ideas in the heads of dumb Third World generals is another form of support for terrorism.
Meaningful dialogue can take place when people stop talking about treasonable actions such as a swearing-in of a President not declared winner by the IEBC.
But Prof Muigai declared any attempt to swear in Mr Odinga as president is treasonable and any persons involved in the scheme will be prosecuted.