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The rest of the treasure was divided, and part taken to the treasurehouse of the band, and part put by with the other things for the Bishop.
Another outcome of the introduction of Indigenous protocols is the textual recoding of the museum space as a treasurehouse or pataka.
The interpretive frameworks, the governing stories, of each anthology contribute significantly to our understanding of this treasurehouse of cultural expression, and will doubtless give rise to more stories of American literary and cultural history.
While the country was dazzling investors with 8- to 10-percent annual growth rates, Soeharto's "New Order," as his 32-year reign is called, had been raiding the country's treasurehouse of natural wealth and cheap human labor, maintaining a veneer of impressive exports and returns on investment, but meanwhile liquidating the country's natural capital - and suppressing its dissent - in order to keep appearances up.
For instance, there was a sefu for treasurehouses ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.