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TREASURER. An officer entrusted with the treasures or money either of a private individual, a corporation, a company, or a state.
     2. It is his duty to use ordinary diligence in the performance of his office, and to account with those whose money he has.

TREASURER. OF THE MINT. An officer created by the act of January 18, 1837, whose duties are prescribed as follows: The treasurer shall receive and safely keep all moneys which shall be for the use and support of the mint; shall keep all the current accounts of the mint, and pay all moneys due by the mint, on warrants from the director. He shall receive all bullion brought to the mint for coinage; shall be the keeper of all bullion and coin in the mint, except while the same is legally placed in the hands of other officers, and shall, on warrants from the director, deliver all coins struck at the mint to the persons to whom they shall be legally payable. And he shall keep regular and faithful accounts of all the transactions of the mint, in bullion and coins, both with the officers of the mint and the depositors; and shall present, quarter-yearly, to the treasury department of the United States, according to such forms as shall be prescribed by that department, an account of the receipts and disbursements of the mint, for the purpose of being adjusted and settled.
     2. This officer is required to give bond to the United States with one or more sureties to the satisfaction of the secretary of the treasury, in the sum of ten thousand dollars. His salary is two thousand dollars.

References in classic literature ?
Come, Planchet, let us pay a visit to the king's treasurer and then set off.
At least, Athos, if you are not treasurer, you are on a good footing at court.
The Treasurer put his arm confidentially through mine, and walked me on a few steps.
In the second place," continued the Treasurer, "we have found out that he is not visited at Barkingham.
The shutters are always up in the front top windows of his house at Barkingham," said the Treasurer, lowering his voice mysteriously.
Take my advice and don't go," said the Treasurer, gravely.
Because there are doubts about him and his house which he will not clear up," retorted the Treasurer.
The Treasurer took his arm out of mine, and without saying another word, wished me good-morning.
First of all, I will ask the treasurer as to our bank balance.
The funds are good at the moment," said the treasurer, with the bankbook in front of him.
Treasurer," he asked, "may I ask who has bought the property of this man that we have driven out of the district?
Group Treasurers from leading global organisations will be gathering at the Group Treasurers' Exchange on the 9[sup.