treat with contempt

See: disdain, flout, mock
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Reluctant(ly), adj, (adv): spineless, gutless, morally bankrupt, insensitive, disposition to treat with contempt.
But to do so would be to treat with contempt a public fed up with arrogant politicians.
Just another thought, who is to be responsible for licensing fox-hounds and who will pay for the muzzles for them, the suggestion of ID cards I treat with contempt it deserves.
Kirklees Council's local area committees are talking shops, which have few powers and where members of the public are excluded and often treat with contempt.
We treat with contempt their attempt to glorify and justify their murder campaign and we will be evaluating the extent of the price paid by the Government and the consequences that will have for the political process.
William Bibb, "no man should be permitted to usurp the whole powers of the whole government and to treat with contempt all authority except that of his own will.
Especially when manufacturers continue to treat with contempt any move to limit their appeal among the booming under-age market.
But to do so would be to treat with contempt a British public fed up with arrogant politicians.
How many more of them must die while the politicians weep crocodile tears and treat with contempt the genuine concerns and anger of their relatives?