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Jane Barnes, one of South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust's cancer nurse specialists, said: "Bowel cancer is the UK''s second biggest cancer killer but, in fact, it is very treatable, particularly when diagnosed early.
Natasha's death must serve as a warning to all that even common, treatable illnesses can cause fatal complications.
From a more scientific perspective, it is a treatable condition when competent care is received.
The organization stresses that although insomnia is treatable by a physician, most people do not seek medical help and thus face potentially serious health effects, such as increased risk of obesity, diabetes, depression, and heart disease.
This is going to be more and more of a treatable condition.
The "no-kill" shelter movement, which saves the lives of healthy and treatable dogs and cats (reserving euthanasia only for animals that can't be rehabilitated), is an attempt to derail that grim cycle.
but around half of all men diagnosed are already at a late stage, when the disease is less treatable.
The invention outlines solid tumors potentially treatable with the molecules described in the patent.
The pact, known as the Doha Declaration, was good news for the more than thirty million African living with HIV and MDS, and millions more people in developing countries dying of illnesses that are treatable or curable in the West (such as measles influenza, asthma, various types of cancer, and digestive diseases).
Criteria for deciding whether to screen for a given disorder typically include how often it occurs in a population, whether it is treatable and whether an effective screening test exists.
Understandably, until people feel assured that SARS is better understood, is treatable and is not a threat on public sidewalks, busses and trains, they will be likely to stay close to home as much as possible.
It is treatable without surgery if discovered in time.