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TREBUCKET. The name of an engine of punishment, said to be synonymous with tumbrel. (q.v.)

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Eye-witness Heather Taylor, who was at the event with her six-year-old son Ethan, said: "The trebuchet launched the flaming cannonball but as it flew almost over the boathouse sparks could clearly be seen coming off it and the high winds must have sent them onto the roof of the boathouse.
A Warwick Castle spokesman said the trebuchet would not use fireballs until an investigation into the blaze was completed.
Musician Paul Mason with the trebuchet he has made for Baafest in Bellingham
The Federales moved in discovering a 9 foot tall trebuchet style launching device and 45 pounds of marijuana,.
What physical factors do you think allow machines like a catapult or trebuchet to hurl objects farther than a person alone can?
The goal of this paper is to analyse the trebuchet as a mechanical system, and to find the optimal parameters for trebuchet construction and its operation.
The 22-tonne trebuchet, a colossal wooden catapult, will be installed at Warwick Castle where it will be fired daily over the summer.
That Duchamp titled this work Trebuchet (Trap) signaled his understanding of the consequences of that relocation--but did Caro also comprehend its radicality?
You take an actor and you put him against a green screen and say, 'That thing coming at you is a trebuchet,' and, 'This light over your shoulder is going to be blinking because it's fire, so feel the heat.
There were two main types of trebuchets, the fixed-weight, which had heavy weights attached to the arm of the trebuchet itself, and the swinging-box weight, which had weights attached to a box that was then attached to the arm with a hinge.
It launched a good piece about building a trebuchet, or stone-throwing siege engine.
Students have the chance to compete in art, costume, essay, journalism, music, poetry, science fair, trebuchet contests and theatre.