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At this, dearest, I started and trembled, for I was moved to my very soul.
Courageous under adversity, brave on a battlefield, he trembled at the thought of entering Piombo's salon.
It was easy to see that no doubt now remained in the young girl's mind as to the reality of the scene; her eyes started with terror, her hands trembled, and she rapidly drew the bedclothes closer to her.
Quasimodo followed it with his glance and trembled.
But Gryphus, obstinate, like an old man, and more and more convinced that he was discovering here a conspiracy against the Prince of Orange, rushed up to his prisoner, raising his stick; seeing, however, the impassible resolution of the captive to protect his flower-pot he was convinced that Cornelius trembled much less for his head than for his jug.
The last dollar had been spent, the last resource and the last starving patriot milked dry, and the great adventure still trembled on the scales.