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Kat's idea of friendly ball games rarely goes into extra time, especially when she's celebrating the match with a knee trembler and a shadowy figure.
Since their description in the mid-19th century, the Brown Trembler (C.
But the March 11 trembler and tsunami in Japan has caused demand for direct burning crudes and LNG in that country to rise (see omt12IndnsTradeMar21-11 and gmt12IndnsGasExptMar21-11).
0 quake occurred near the epicenter of last year's trembler, but caused little damage.
Network Rail has invested in CCTV, buried cable and installed trembler devices which set off an alarm when cables are disturbed.
Of course, what immediately comes to mind is the recent earthquake of Haiti, which killed more the 200,000 people, and the more recent trembler of Chile, so powerful that NASA scientists have claimed that it knocked the Earth off of its axis, shortening our day by a fraction of a second (Source: New York Times).
PC Jonathan Broom at the stretch of railway line where motion sensors, hidden cameras and trembler alarms have been installed.
There was a second trembler underlying her ruling: If Kessler's logic held, the balance of control over the river might shift to upper basin states for the first time in decades.
The fresh warnings have come after an underwater earthquake was recorded by the Hong Kong observatory on Wednesday, north-west of Sumatra, Indonesia, close to the epicentre of Sunday's trembler.
China's official Xinhua News Agency quoted local officials as saying more than 1,000 houses and school buildings collapsed in a village in Bachu County, the focus of the trembler, located more than 3,300 kilometers west-northwest of Beijing.
Just as Turks were struggling to cope with the aftermath of the 18 August earthquake, another massive trembler shook the country, killing over 800 people, injuring 5,000 and destroying over 1,000 buildings.
La bouche ouverte, le commissaire se mis a trembler de tous ses membres.