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Then tremblingly opening his pocket-book he put the piece of paper into it, sighing: "My God
Chilton himself at the other end of the wires, and was tremblingly delivering her message and answering the doctor's terse, pertinent questions.
But John Baptist, widely staring, muttering a number of invocations and ejaculations, tremblingly backing into a corner, slipping on his trousers, and tying his coat by the two sleeves round his neck, manifested an unmistakable desire to escape by the door rather than renew the acquaintance.
Maggie looked up in the new face rather tremblingly as it approached, and was reassured by the thought that her aunt Pullet and the rest were right when they called her a gypsy; for this face, with the bright dark eyes and the long hair, was really something like what she used to see in the glass before she cut her hair off.
Mrs Quilp looked tremblingly in her spouse's face to know what this unusual courtesy might portend, and obedient to the summons she saw in his gesture, followed him into the next room.
More tremblingly, psychologists have described a "tendency to blame victims for their misfortunes," as when participants in a study blamed a student they observed receiving electric shocks.
John Paul's 1984 apostolic exhortation and subsequent letters concerning the sacrament of penance, tremblingly, comprise a textbook case of what American moral historian Michael Lacey, drawing on Lonergan's theory of classical versus historical consciousness, explains as ecclesiastical positivism:
He took the M volume to a cafe on his lunch break - and tremblingly flipped through the pages until he found his own surname.
Wakefield invites here comparison with Walt Whitman's transcription ([1855] 1982a: 197-198) of how many a lonesome woman hides "aft the blinds of the window and looks surreptitiously out with her "unseen hand" passing over a man's naked body, "descend[ing] tremblingly from .
When we consider the expansive perceptual field offered by a Shaw pot, or the tremblingly intimate and serene comfort offered by a Carter vessel, by contrast, we see that the pots of Shaw and Carter function more like invitations to an experience of mutual discovery.