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Who is to prove that you were not tremendously agitated?
But the last thing likely to have entered Fred's expectation was that he should see his brother-in-law Lydgate--of whom he had never quite dropped the old opinion that he was a prig, and tremendously conscious of his superiority--looking excited and betting, just as he himself might have done.
It is wonderful that he could fly without wings, but the place itched tremendously, and, perhaps we could all fly if we were as dead-confident-sure of our capacity to do it as was bold Peter Pan that evening.
He of the black coat tremendously outclassed his adversary in point of size and strength as well as in ferocity.
She enjoyed the evening tremendously, but the end of it rather spoiled all.
He snarled something like a dog, and I remember that his eye-teeth were large, like fangs, and that they impressed me tremendously.
This last came to him as a surprise; it was tremendously indicative of the highness of their caste, of the enormous distance that stretched between her and him.
The babe bawled tremendously, protesting with great violence.
With that he detached his watch--a tremendously heavy, old-fashioned one--from the chain, and handed it to me; then turned away, and walking across the room to a shelf of books, began an examination of their backs.
She says it's perfectly splendid and tremendously exciting.
Sappho says they did enjoy themselves tremendously at your house last night.
Here it threw the hook out and flopped tremendously until she fell upon it and captured it in her hands.