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Atenstaedt views the explanation of trench foot as a signal triumph for an environmental perspective, even though it seems to have owed more to experimental physiology (128).
After initial numbness, discoloration, and swelling, trench foot leads to blisters and sores.
Trench foot is a foot disease caused by long exposure to cold, wet and unsanitary conditions.
Symptoms of trench foot include redness, swelling, numbness, blisters, and breaks in the skin.
Sitting in class with cold, wet feet can lead to a condition called trench foot that can lead to frostbite.
I think it was because of trench foot during the First World War," Ken recalled back in 2004.
However, jungle life is taking its toll - one of the celebs is suffering from mosquito bites, while another has trench foot.
ROUGH sleepers are getting trench foot by living in caves and former air raid shelters, charities have warned.
It will give visitors an insight into the Victoria Cross winners William Ratcliffe, John Davies and Noel Chavasse and look at how soldiers had to endure rats, lice, cockroaches, trench foot, as well as being battered by the elements.
In another such incident, she was attacked by monkeys and got trench foot because of prolonged exposure to damp.