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Trenchant (6) and Andrew Glassonbury jump well en route to victory in the beginners' chase
We also have Walkon in the Triumph so Trenchant might have a crack at the Fred Winter instead," said Alan King.
The Barbury Castle handler got matters under way as Trenchant (4-1) used his Flat experience to claim a neck victory in the Racing UK Juvenile Maiden Hurdle.
Trenchant observations that are too dryly presented to register.
In her characteristically wicked and trenchant way, feminist satirist Weldon takes aim at today's marriage and childrearing practices among the upwardly mobile.
Gottlieb's trenchant prose is beautifully supported by Diane Dilassa's art.
But Smith himself turns for many of his arguments to the work of thoughtful French intellectuals: Jean-Paul Fitoussi, for example, who collaborated with Pierre Rosanvallon in writing a trenchant critique, Le nouvel age des inegalites, in 1996, or Colette Bec, whose work, L'assistance en democratie (1998) dissects the complex legislative process whereby the founding assumptions of the French welfare state came to grief.
Dennett also shares more than a little of James's gift for trenchant quotation (bits like W.
Clearly, Bouchet is sensitive to frustrating paradoxes--one painting, instead of a logo, features the instruction BANG HEAD HERE--but there's little evidence of the more trenchant observation that makes Dirty Room a satisfying tweak.
the Meese Commission--offering a lurid account of the supposedly routine misogynistic sadism in porn and fielding such trenchant questions as whether an image of a woman performing fellatio on her knees would automatically qualify as female subordination.
Despite her trenchant flaws and human failings, Micky conscientiously attempts to put things right, to replace chaos with some degree of order, to save those she can, if not herself.
The Navy steered clear of the area until this weekend, when HMS Trenchant docked in Broadford Bay.