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The FIA announced there was unanimous agreement for the return to Manama despite the fact the voters included team bosses from Ferrari and Force India trenchantly against the move.
Johnston's arguments are well researched, carefully considered and trenchantly expressed.
HGO music director and longtime Heggic partisan Patrick Summers conducted the intense, colorful score trenchantly, and Leonard Foglia's staging was as chillingly effective as Michael McGarty's stark, Brian Nason-lit set with its prison bars, guard towers and barbed-wire-topped fences.
Taylor trenchantly observed, before the First World War the average citizen's interaction with the government was largely limited to paying lax.
That's the problem with being ahead of your time," Lebowitz observes trenchantly.
The communications director for California's outgoing governor, Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger, notes trenchantly of current GOP candidate Meg Whitman's opposition to high-speed rail funding: "To say 'now is not the time' shows a very narrow vision.
Sowell repeatedly and trenchantly points out that leftist scholars remain indifferent to the irrefutable evidence discrediting their policy prescriptions.
How is it that Arendt, who trenchantly analyzed racist thought in her own work failed to take seriously the racist categories in Heidegger's philosophy, and even promoted his work?
Peter Rodgers is a former Australian ambassador to Israel and writes trenchantly and with informed passion about the huge infrastructural and demographic problems facing Arab leaders, for whom he asserts that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will, 'like an endlessly running conveyor belt', provide 'a rationale for the problems of their creaking fiefdoms' which labour under 'often sclerotic governance'.
After the conclusion of his case at Dublin's High Court, Mr Noctor said: "The actions of the state, and most particularly the Sisters of Charity, in trenchantly denying the validity of my claim over many years, heaped insult on top of injury.
If the last Broadway transfer from the Donmar Warehouse, "Frost/Nixon," was a keen reminder of that point, the London company's latest transatlantic traveler, "Mary Smart," imparts the lesson even more trenchantly.
He detested cant and pretension, and was capable of making trenchantly clear his distaste for purveyors of the same.