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Taken to its logical conclusion, we could, of course, fight a dozen despots in South America, Africa and the Far East, as well as more trenchantly make the clear case for a Palestinian homeland.
For while Macpherson admits to sharing in the ideals the younger Mill articulated--primarily that the individual truly desires to be a self-developing being, learning and growing through work, and not merely a consumer of pleasures and avoider of pains--he also argues trenchantly that Mill and his successors failed to realize those ideals.
BAGHDAD: Fewer than half the leaders of the Arab world showed up at an Arab summit in Baghdad on Thursday, a snub to the Iraqi government that reflects how trenchantly the sectarian division between Sunnis and Shia and the rivalry with neighboring Iran define the Middle East's politics today.
She makes the point trenchantly that the main difficulty is holding the enormous structure together with its countless sections and tempo modifications.
At the same time as Wilma was hanging up her running shoes another star from the Olympic Games at Rome was cutting his way trenchantly through the upper ranks of world heavyweight boxing.
As Kiely trenchantly notes, Louis developed a profound private piety beneath his public aristocratic piety while Bernardino's "sanctity was inseparable from his public persona" (290).
In fury at Prime Minister Cheryl Gillan's decision to pull the UK out of Europe (after most of the cabinet mysteriously died drinking a particularly old bottle of claret that Ed Balls trenchantly denies poisoning), both First Ministers in Cardiff Bay and Edinburgh left the UK and took their nations into the euro.
Why Nations Fight has Richard Ned Lebow's familiar stamp: it is meticulously researched, trenchantly argued, grounded in extraordinarily wide reading, and informed by a healthy dose of common sense.
He argues trenchantly that the dominance of the West was just a passing historical moment - based on the maxim gun, not innate virtue (p.
Sun/Tue, Cineworld) The Hedgehog (12A) Planning to kill herself when she reaches 12, bored, precocious Paloma videos and trenchantly comments on her family and the world around her.
You could only laugh at the trenchantly regressive attitudes of those who didn't dare venture from their ivory towers when they could survey all around them from their lofty record company perches.