trend downward

See: decline
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After rallying during the closing months of this year, cattle prices are expected to trend downward from late 2016 and through 2017, off their cyclical peak in late 2014.
Price index was forecast to hit the 8,000-point level, however, absence of trades on stocks of operational companies and dominance of small chips kept the trend downward.
Market observers analyzed that influenced by lingering European debt crisis, global economic growth would trend downward trend this year and international prices of agricultural and industrial raw materials, including wheat, soybean, sugar, cotton, rubber, copper, aluminum, lead, tin, etc.
Reversing a three-year trend downward, the number of undocumented Cubans intercepted at sea or who reached U.
Polycarbonate pricing, however, continues to trend downward.
The Fairfield County office market continued to perform well during the first quarter of 2006 with overall vacancy rates continuing to trend downward, having reached a five-year low of 17.
The charts also show that after the plant shut down for maintenance in late July, the data from the 70-screen setup became less variable and started to trend downward, similar to 100-screen data.
Leisure and hospitality held steady in September at 14,300, but is expected to trend downward.
The cost of networks and midtier disks continue to trend downward, as does the cost of replication software, even as their capacity and performance continue to increase.
After peaking in November 2001, the month the most recent recession ended, the number of initial claims has continued to trend downward.
Over the past decade, there has been some decline in enrolments, but numbers don't always trend downward.
At the present time, it is quite likely that the prices of crude oil and natural gas will trend downward as this year progresses, but there is no guarantee that this will occur.