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None but those who were most intimate with Alexey Alexandrovitch knew that, while on the surface the coldest and most reasonable of men, he had one weakness quite opposed to the general trend of his character.
Our annual review, Ten Key Trends in Food, Nutrition & Health, is one of the most sought-after publications in the food industry.
NEW YORK -- The Intelligence Group, a leading market research, trend analysis, and consulting firm, unveiled its 2007 Future Trends issue of the Cassandra Report[R], the definitive Gen X and Gen Y lifestyle study that highlights emerging trends, themes, and attitudes in the upcoming year and beyond.
Gain insight into key technology investment patterns and trends in target markets.
NYSE:PRM), the leading targeted media company in the United States, today announced the launch of a 24-hour broadcast television network, "Motor Trend TV" in 2007 through a partnership with Multicast Networks Group (MNG).
Market Trends by Application Fields (Mobile Phones/HDD/Camera Modules/Displays/Automobiles/ Audiovisuals/PC/others)
The report describes the specific tangible components of the mega-trends, including detailed breakdown of behavior and product attribute trends and showcases the latest best-practice, "on-trend" product and marketing innovation offering a wealth of creative ideas to guide future innovation.
This report is the conclusion of hundreds of interviews with executives and engineers of dozens of companies to determine industry trends and forecast future changes.