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ALIO investigation of a standard XY monolithic stage system drilling holes at varying speeds demonstrated that a circle can be machined precisely with minimal path deviation without the need for a trepanning head at very high hertz rates.
Hall F focuses on tooling and work holding systems such as boring bars; coolants; oils; cutting fluids; ceramics and composite cutting tools; tool coatings; drills; chucks; tools; milling cutters; form cutters; cutting tools; tooling systems; end mills; fixturing systems; gun drilling tools; cutting tool measurement and checking systems; hobs; tool inserts; jigs; key seating tools' ball nose end mills; lapping tools; magnetic chucks and plates; collets; NC tables; spindle adaptors; plates; quick change dies; reaming tools; screw thread inserts; tool storage equipment; deep hole and trepanning cutting tools; jigs and fixtures; tooling columns; universal fixturing; vises; and workholding systems.
Trepanning tools require significantly lower horsepower than solid drills in most cases the power consumed will be less than half of what is needed for a solid drill.
She feels for him below the surface, stabbing him, trepanning him: and leaves.
67) More to the point, Berengario emphasized the importance of vivisection while noting that this was only incidentally practiced by doctors suturing wounds, lancing boils, trepanning skulls, and performing other surgical operations.
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Sam becomes convinced a trepanning surgery - where he would have a hole drilled into his skull - will give him the intellectual edge he's long desired.
An absolute novelty in this machine concept is the integration of a trepanning module (drilling module) based on piezoelectric tilting mirrors, which was developed at Bavarian laser centre (Bayerisches Laserzentrum - blz) in a cooperation project with LLT.
Trepanning is the ancient practice of boring holes into skulls to relieve ailments.
We employ percussion, trepanning, and fire-on-the-fly techniques for drilling effusion holes in the preformed parts.
A surgeon's tent will reveal spoons for removing damaged eyeballs and a trepanning saw for drilling holes in the skull.
Unfortunately she returns with a dark gift he tries to remove by trepanning (a medical process of drilling or cutting a hole into the skull to relieve pressure on the brain).