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Trephine biopsy at the same time was hypercellular and showed foci of necrosis and increased lying down of reticulin fibers [3+].
The bone marrow aspirate was similar to the trephine, with 15% of blasts showing monocytoid differentiation together with an absolute monocytosis (20%) and mild dyserythropoiesis.
Clinically unsuspected Hodgkin's lymphoma diagnosed primarily from bone marrow trephine biopsy: report of six cases.
A right frontal trephine was placed through the anterior frontal sinus table, and fluorescein irrigation was used to wash out fungal mucin from the right frontal sinus.
Detection of the bcr/abl gene in bone marrow macrophages in CML and alterations during interferon therapy-a fluorescence in situ hybridization study on trephine biopsies.
A small core of newly formatted bone was removed from the center areas of the sockets using a trephine (3-mm-outside-diameter,2-mm-inside-diameter) with irrigation at a bur speed of 1,000 rpm.
As well as assessment of blood and bone marrow aspirate smears, assessment of a bone marrow trephine biopsy may provide valuable information regarding cellularity, cell maturation, and bone marrow stroma; however, expert panel recommendations consider this evaluation optional, except in the setting of a "dry tap," where no material is obtained in the biopsy (9).
0 mm osteochondral dowels were harvested using a trephine from adult porcine stifle joints obtained from a local meat processor.
Then, skin and underlying tissues of the vertex, were raised to expose the calvaria, and two defects (5 mm in diameter-a critical size [17]), in symmetry to the sagittal suture, were generated using a trephine bur in each animal, under constant irrigation with 0.
Peripheral blood, bone marrow aspirate smears, clot sections, and trephine biopsies were available for each case except as noted.
Bone saw, amputation knife, trephine drill and bit: This is part of a larger collection of tools from The Company of Barber Surgeons and Tallow Chandlers of Newcastle upon Tyne.