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The cost of trespassing and vandalism in both human and financial terms is extremely high,' said Mr Bill Callaghan, chairman of the Health and Safety Commission.
Sorensen, 46, a 12-year sheriff's department veteran who previously was a beach lifeguard and a military policeman, was last heard from Saturday after he radioed the Lancaster sheriff's station saying that he was going to question someone in relation to a trespassing case.
That's where he met his death - shot by a still-uncaptured killer while following up a routine trespassing complaint at an isolated desert trailer.
Sorensen, 46, a 12-year Sheriff's Department veteran who lived in Lake Los Angeles and patrolled it as a resident deputy, was shot to death Saturday afternoon after going to an isolated house trailer to investigate a routine trespassing complaint.
LLANO - A Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy was slain Saturday while investigating a routine trespassing complaint at an isolated house trailer that turned out to contain a drug lab, authorities said.
SANTA CLARITA - John Quigley, who spent 72 days in a Pico Canyon oak trying to protect it from removal, asked a judge to throw out the trespassing lawsuit filed against him by the landowner, claiming the suit threatens his First Amendment rights.
Karam was arrested in 1995 on suspicion of trespassing at a recording studio she opposed.
In 2001, more than 530 people were killed and more than 400 injured nationwide while trespassing on the rights-of-way.
The actions also included serving the tree-sitter with a form cross-complaint of trespassing.
BURBANK - A community activist from North Hollywood has filed a $1 million civil rights lawsuit against the city of Burbank and its top officials, claiming she was maliciously prosecuted for trespassing and interfering with a police officer.
Incidents of loitering and trespassing saw the biggest decline, falling 21.
VAN NUYS - A mother and daughter convicted of trespassing in a house-squatting case involving vacant homes in Woodland Hills and Van Nuys were sentenced Friday to 90 days in jail.