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She said law violations committed outside the country that can be considered triable under Philippine laws should cover Republic Act 7610 or the "Special protection of children against child abuse, exploitation and discrimination act"; Republic Act 9262 or the "Anti-violence against women and children act"; Republic Act 9208 or the "Anti-trafficking in persons act of 2003"; Republic Act 9710 or the "Magna Carta of Women"; Republic Act 7877 or the "Anti-sexual harassment act of 1995"; and the Republic Act 8353 of the "Anti-rape law of 1997.
One of these cases was assessed as being unaccountable (incapable of appreciating the wrongfulness of the act, and/or of acting in accordance with the appreciation of wrongfulness) and not triable, while 4 of these cases were assessed as having diminished accountability but still being triable (Table 1).
The court concluded that the affirmation of Melissa's expert failed to raise any triable issues of fact as to whether Dr.
The Court considers two issues: whether a corporation can be liable under the ATS, and if so, whether the evidence presented by the Plaintiffs created a triable issue to determine if the Defendant violated customary international law.
The Court of Appeal reversed because there were triable issues of fact as to whether 21st Century had thoroughly investigated and objectively evaluated Wilson's UIM claim before denying it.
But Rosenbaum ruled that the plaintiffs had raised triable issues of fact as to whether Medtronic had actual knowledge of the defect and hid that evidence from the FDA.
The case had "very substantial connections with the United States and is perfectly properly triable there", and SFO director Robert Wardle was not acting unreasonably when he refused to launch an investigation in the UK, said the judge.
Judge Hartzenburg ruled the offences were not triable as they occurred outside South Africa.
The court denied qualified immunity for the librarian, and found triable issues of fact regarding the motivations of the librarian in denying the prisoner timely access to a binder.
UnixWare) and if not resolved on summary judgment (as we expect), IBM's patent claims are likely to present very few triable issues," it stated.
Hayut presented sufficient evidence to raise a triable issue of fact with respect to the severity or pervasiveness of Professor Young's conduct," Judge Calabresi wrote, so she may proceed with her claim under Section 1983 of the Civil Rights Act that a state official deprived her of a federally protected right.