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Business arrangement of previously announced transaction to purchase the Triage MeterPro cardiovascular and toxicology assets from Alere Inc.
The TDMI was originally developed by Cone in 2000 as a tool for determining only ED nurses' opinions about triage decisions (13).
China lacks a standard pediatric triage system and its emergency departments often function primarily like 24-h outpatient clinics.
The current study was planned to determine the problems and troubles of the health professionals while they were providing health services, and to understand the triage, ethics and legal regulations during the medical treatment processes.
The phases of a telephone triage in mental health can be identified sequentially: the opening; assessment and examination; planning and action; and termination.
West Midlands Police began trialling the ground-breaking triage teams in January 2014 in unmarked ambulances that are staffed by a police officer, a psychiatric nurse and a paramedic.
New tools, such as pre-claim nurse triage, deliver the right balance by avoiding prematurely entering workers into the medical system, while not sacrificing the timeliness and quality of medical attention an injured worker needs.
HPV mRNA testing in triage of women with ASC-US cytology may reduce the time for CIN2+diagnosis compared with repeat cytology.
The Mobile Triage Device's proprietary features will allow for immediate communication with a patient's medical provider.
This guide explains the Manchester Triage System to users in emergency departments around the world.
Conclusion: The current study findings of low level of triage knowledge among nurses reflect that there is a lack of proper training and edifying programs in Pakistan.