trial balloon

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But all has been quiet for this year's election; not as much as a peep, never mind a trial balloon.
The QE3 trial balloon Bernanke floated during Congressional testimony particularly irked Schiff.
On September 19 Joseph Montgolfier launched a trial balloon containing a sheep, a cock and a duck.
However, pretty much everyone agrees that The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's (FMCSA) trial balloon to reduce by one hour (from 11 hours to 10 hours) the actual time a truck driver can be driving is a horrific idea.
The campaign is widely believed to be a trial balloon by certain factions of the ruling National Democratic Party testing Gamal's popularity ahead of a possible presidential run.
The news leaks were widely interpreted as a possible trial balloon by the White House to increase pressure on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who had tense talks with Obama last month at the White House.
Ricketts is in a unique situation and the trial balloon he floated last week should be taken seriously.
Cox Enterprises' trial balloon floating the idea its flagship Atlanta Journal Constitution will move out of downtown has landed.
The occasion for this latest nationalization trial balloon is the looming result of the Treasury's bank strip-tease -- a.
Perhaps it is a trial balloon to test renewed old attempts to ruin the organization's credibility and restore the Palestinians' authority and independent national project to their previous state some decades ago, before the PLO gained Arab, then international, recognition as the sole legitimate representative of Palestinians.
In October the Conservatives floated the trial balloon that, come February 2008, Hillier would have completed the normal three-year tour as CDS and would be retiring.
If he's sending up this idea as a trial balloon, we'd like to borrow Schwarzenegger's Harrier jet from ''True Lies'' to blow it out of the sky.