trial balloon

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If Obama's trial balloon isn't shot from the sky, the idea of mass refinancing could have bipartisan appeal and offer broad benefits.
In February, the Canadian Football League floated a trial balloon about the possibility of selling sponsorship rights to the Grey Cup.
He added the bill "has holes so large, you could drive a hearse through it," while speculating that it is serving as a trial balloon to gauge public opinion on the issue.
They may include commentary by CEOs, views of professionals and other employees, trial balloon ideas, results of research projects, and interpretations of the events and trends in the field.
The Centre for Writing-Intensive Learning (CWIL) at Simon Fraser University (SFU) sent up a trial balloon to gauge interest in such an offering when it launched Writing for Science Publication, the nine-week, six-session workshop, in January.
And, the most lurid of all, declaring a red alert and postponing the election, a possibility already floated as a trial balloon by Tom Ridge.
In 1994, mayors, councilmembers and law enforcement officials joined with hundreds of citizen groups to urge passage of this ban not as a trial balloon for 10 years but as a solid public policy decision to keep America safe.
Himes says a trial balloon effort with the media started last fall.
Adding to the drop-drip frustration [of military families] was a trial balloon floated this summer by the Pentagon to cut hazardous pay for soldiers in Iraq.
The Imam's Delight, The Secret Glyph, The Trial Balloon.
On March 1, all the Post's readers had the opportunity to learn about the East-West Gateway Coordinating Council's trial balloon to have the next light rail line link Clayton with Overland and the West Port Plaza area.