trial by jury

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16) The court held that a litigant who had been denied his or her right to trial by jury did not suffer irreparable harm; rather, he or she only suffered a harm that the appellate court could remedy later upon appeal of the final order following the bench trial.
The special juries of yore are gone, but litigants' pleas for special treatment of their cases are alive and well, and they may pose the greatest danger of all to trial by jury, as they have led in some instances to legislative action that has taken whole categories of litigation out of the common law court system.
From creator Dick Wolf comes the most innovative Law and Order series yet: "Law and Order: Trial by Jury - The Complete Series.
It is the third time that peers have been involved in a row with the Government over the right to trial by jury.
Metropolitan Police chief Sir John Stevens has been reported as backing plans outlined in the Criminal Justice Bill to scrap the automatic right to trial by jury.
Trial by jury is the most fundamental of our civil liberties and eroding it is wholly unjustified.
Trial by Jury and HMS Pinafore will be presented at Nuneaton Arts Centre in Pool Bank Street, from Tuesday, September 12, to Saturday, September 19, at 7.
First, the Founding Fathers guaranteed citizens accused of crime a trial by jury in Article III Section 2.
HOME Secretary Jack Straw yesterday defended his plans to limit trial by jury.
Right now, a guy steals a hose reel he gets a trial by jury.
Malcolm McCune, one of the managing partners of the firm, expressed his pleasure at the election, saying, "I've known Gary virtually my entire life, and he believes in the independence of the judiciary and the right to trial by jury.
In this article, we leave it to you, the reader, to try on our functional approach and decide whether it fits in the context of two (4) controversial types of nonfinal orders: 1) orders denying trial by jury and 2) orders denying discovery.