trial of the issues

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A date will now have to be set for a full trial of the issues raised in actions by the Rhondda MP, former deputy prime minister Lord Prescott, former Scotland Yard deputy assistant commissioner Brian Paddick and journalist Brendan Montague.
The judge said: "I have no doubt that the circumstances of this case and, in particular, the length of the delay are sufficient to satisfy me that the recollection of witnesses on these important events will be grossly impaired by the passage of time and, taken in conjunction with the absence of others who can no longer be meaningfully available, will serve to give rise to a substantial risk that a fair trial of the issues in the litigation would not be possible.
He said he was refusing to grant an injunction because it would pose a threat to Eurostar's progress in acquiring new trains and their business because any trial of the issues could cause significant delays.
The judge issued his ruling after listening to the conflicting arguments over the athlete's attempt to win an injunction suspending the bylaw before a full trial of the issues in March next year.
His attempt to win an injunction suspending the by-law before a full trial of the issues in March next year will be a test of the rule which bans those who have used performanceenhancing drugs from the British team unless there are mitigating circumstances.
Mr Justice Treacy, at London's High Court, said the laboratory would become operational before the full trial of the issues, which is due to take place after Easter.
The Company, in denying the allegations, stated that it is confident that upon the ultimate trial of the issues raised, none of the allegations will be found to have any merit or grounds whatsoever.