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Busuli, the warrior whom he had stalked to the village, told him many of the tribal legends--how, many years before, his people had come many long marches from the north; how once they had been a great and powerful tribe; and how the slave raiders had wrought such havoc among them with their death-dealing guns that they had been reduced to a mere remnant of their former numbers and power.
Page one hundred and twenty-six: 'The cycle of class struggles which began with the dissolution of rude, tribal communism and the rise of private property will end with the passing of private property in the means of social existence.
No," I said, seeing that he referred to the petty tribal wars of his little island, "I mean the Great War, the war with Germany.
Not alone, had Ngurn informed him, was the Red One more bestial powerful than the neighbour tribal gods, ever athirst for the red blood of living human sacrifices, but the neighbour gods themselves were sacrificed and tormented before him.
But marriage, which she ardently suggested, with due observance of tribal custom, he balked at.
Momaya, Tibo's mother, grief-stricken at the loss of her boy, had consulted the tribal witch-doctor, but to no avail.
The last Glengyle, however, satisfied his tribal tradition by doing the only thing that was left for him to do; he disappeared.
Department of Justice (DOJ) today announced the opening of the grant solicitation period for comprehensive funding to American Indian and Alaska Native tribal governments and tribal consortia to support public safety, victim services, and crime prevention improvements.
The JI chief also called for a comprehensive package for the return and rehabilitation of the IDPs and the economic development of the tribal areas in order to overcome their sense of deprivation.
PESHAWAR -- A grand jirga of the tribesmen residing in Karachi on Saturday announced their all out support to the government in its measures for the restoration of peace and stability in the tribal territory and affirmed its commitment that those local or international forces who were looking to the country with bad intentions would be extirpated collectively.
The Prime Minister has described the tribal communities of India as a great force for national development.
I N A recent workshop, Dr Hrusikesh Panda, Secretary, Ministry of Tribal Affairs, said that his ministry has been offering untied funds to the states in their Project Appraisal Committee meetings for addressing tribal health issues.