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Governor Spitzer has sent a very strong message to the people of New York that he is not going to waste any time in rebuilding upstate areas," said Tribal Chief James Ransom.
Tribal chief Ali Abdullah Zibari, however, said that mediation efforts had so far failed because of excessive demands placed by her captors, including the release of bin Laden's widows held in Pakistan.
With some tribal chiefs denouncing him as a religious terrorist, the organisation witnessed several splits.
We are confident that Governor Pataki will join us in celebrating receipt of the FONSI and will move swiftly to secure the economic revitalization of the Catskills by and through the issuance of his immediate concurrence," said Tribal Chief Lorraine M.
Brian Swift is much better known as a trainer of speedy Flat horses such as Tribal Chief and Decoy Boy, but he shows that he can do the winter business effectively too with two winners at Towcester.
THE Mayor of Wands-worth, who is also a Nigerian tribal chief, has visited Coventry to have talks with the cathedral's international director, Canon Andrew White (right), about on-going work to rebuild part of the African country.
And in return, they've done him a great honour by making him a tribal chief.
Choctaw Resort Development Enterprise and Tribal Chief Phillip Martin announced today that the Enterprise Board has reached an employment agreement with Richard L.
ADEN - A drone strike in south Yemen killed at least 30 suspected Al-Qaeda militants on Sunday, the latest in an intensified aerial campaign in the impoverished country, a tribal chief said.
The Maskwacis Employment Centre, Tribal Chief Ventures Inc.
Bugti, a tribal chief and former governor and chief minister of Balochistan, was killed in a missile strike on August 26 in 2006, when he had taken refuge in hills after deteriorated relations with the government of General Pervez Musharraf.
Kabul, Mar 26 ( ANI ): Relatives of 17 people shot dead in a rampage by a US soldier in southern Afghanistan have been paid tens of thousands of dollars in compensation, a tribal chief and government officials have said.

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