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Yemeni Jews complain of widespread discrimination and increasing harassment and aggression from the tribal society surrounding them.
lt;br /> <strong>ACHILOV:</strong> We need to keep in mind that Libya is a tribal society -- and the tribes are geographically organized.
Whilst Libya is a tribal society, it is not tribal in the mediaeval sense.
Narrating War and Peace in Africa" is a collection of well researched essays and other writings that discuss the paths of a broken Africa, beaten and worn down from centuries of colonialism as the people try to move on from their tribal society into a new era.
Meanwhile, the district coordination officer Atif Rahman said that generally speaking the people in Swat belonged to a tribal society and the family elders could prevail upon the militants to renounce militancy and surrender to authorities.
Asked whether the call for jihad would resonate among the people, she said because of the nature of Yemeni tribal society, people reject outside interference.
It is a complex, tribal society which has rarely had a strong central government.
Given this standing, Fares is a heavyweight within Iraq's Sunni tribal society and will exert strong influence among Iraq's Sunni Arabs.
Yemen, which is the ancestral home of Osama bin Laden, is the Middle East's poorest country and has been plagued by instability and rebellions for years, with the government unable to extend its authority across the whole of the tribal society.
In this tribal society, baldies were looked down on, and Woddy had been taunted by Rog and his underlings just a few moments ago.
He suggested that a lot of issues stem from the fact that in Western society, we lack male initiation, and went on to share with us stories of male initiations in tribal society, which lead to much discussion and sharing from our members.
Captain Pratt's First Party in Front of the Marquand, 1878 The first 49 students from Dakota Territory represented a broad spectrum of tribal society, including orphans, siblings and the relatives of chiefs.

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