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Though Prometheus Unbound has been pilloried for its incantatory utopianism for too long, Alvey's casual observation that the cave of Prometheus is believed to be located "near Bamiyan" (137), the site of the Taliban's explosion of Buddhist remains in 2001, shows that two centuries later we are far from being "Equal, unclasped, tribeless, and nationless" (Prometheus Unbound 3.
The first is "Heartland," the narrative of a nameless, tribeless late-eighteenth-century West African translator and collaborator (3) who lives with and is ultimately enslaved by British slave traders; the second, "The Cargo Rap," comprises the letters of Rudy/Rudi Williams, a young African-American incarcerated in the 1960s, whose political sensibility increases while his mental deterioration worsens; (4) and the third, "Higher Ground," is the story of Irina/Irene, the sole member of her Jewish Polish family to avoid the death camps, who is unable to adjust to life in London.
bestowed identity in ancient times; without kin, tribeless, one was